The FairScan app has been completely redesigned and rewritten and is now available to use on Android devices including modern handhelds with built in barcode scanners.

The end result is a faster, easier to use app that is easier for new users to learn and operate.  Previous handheld users of FairScan on Windows Mobile and Palm will find the new interface familiar and intuitive and will be able to instantly pick up a handheld and start capturing an order.

The order taking process on Android has been refined but is very similar to the previous devices so that anyone who has used FairScan before will find it instantly familiar.

Select Customer
Order Screen
Order Summary

Having the FairScan app developed for Android now allows modern handhelds to be used that are more similar to a phone than the older, clunky PDA devices.  The new Zebra Android handhelds allow for faster order taking, have improved barcode scanners and allow for easier operation such as connecting to Wifi networks.

MC40 Handheld
MC40 Handheld
TC52 Handheld
TC52 Handheld

Existing customers can mix and match the Android handhelds with their existing handhelds whilst new customers should consider the Android handhelds when selecting the handhelds they wish to use.

Contact FairScan today for more details on the new handhelds and using FairScan on Android devices.

Click here for more details on the Android operating system