FairScan Help Remote Access

FairScan can provide remote access support via TeamViewer.

If you already have TeamViewer installed, then you simply need to provide us with the ID and password that it generates so we can remote access your computer and provide support.

If you don’t have TeamViewer you can download and run FairScanQS which is a mini version of TeamViewer.  This version doesn’t install anything on your computer and can be run only when you require remote access support from FairScan.

More details on FairScan Help Remote Access can be found below.  Whilst a more detailed explanation and instructions can be found here or at www.fairscanhelp.com.au



FairScan has the ability to remote access your computer via TeamViewer or FairScan Quick Support

This will allow FairScan Support to view your computer screen and control your keyboard and mouse to help assist you.

If you don’t have TeamViewer installed on your computer, then download and run FairScan Quick Support (FairScanQS) which a mini version of TeamViewer which only runs when you start it.

If you already have TeamViewer installed, then simply advise FairScan of the TeamViewer ID and Password that is displayed along with details of the problem that you are having.