There is no doubt that Covid has been hard on everyone affecting both or personal and professional lives.  From being locked down at home or having great uncertainty with business, we have all had to make big adjustments over the last few years in order to make it out the other end.

Hopefully now (late 2021) we are moving to the ‘new normal’ and we can all start to experience and participate in events that we used to take for granted prior to Covid.  Hopefully the worse is behind us (touch wood!).

Here at FairScan we pivoted and spent the majority of 2020 and 2021 building websites for our customers.  This as a pretty natural adjustment as we already knew how the B2B Wholesale market worked and therefore were able to apply to websites many things we have learnt over the years providing barcode ordering systems.

This enabled us to upgrade many of our customer’s websites to new, modern, easy to use, easy to update, mobile friendly websites that improved their customer interaction and allowed them to sell to their customers whilst Trade Fairs weren’t operating.

I consider ourselves fortunate that we had this opportunity and I am proud of the work that we did during this time.  We have learnt a lot during this time and also I think we have improved and refined our processes to become a better business.  We were working harder and longer for less, but I am extremely appreciative that we could work at all and I feel so sorry for many of the businesses and individuals that couldn’t work at all.  There is only so much Netflix you can watch!!

With Trade Fairs it was tough having so many scheduled, then rescheduled, then cancelled due to Covid.  All of the fair organisers in Australia and New Zealand sure worked hard for often no result.  I commend them for trying to work through it and I hope they all bounce back quickly in the New Year and are able to operate their fairs.

In 2021 we supported two fairs; Melbourne Gift & Lifestyle in March, and Sydney Reed Gift Fair in April.  It was great to see and support our customers at those two fairs and it reminded us how good it is to deal with people face to face rather than behind our computer screen!

I expect and hope that 2022 will be a great year for business.  People/consumers are starting to make up for lost time and I think we are lucky in that financially many will come out of this in an ok position.

Here at FairScan we have some exciting developments such as the new Android interface for our Barcode Ordering System.  The handhelds now available are really quite cool so make sure you check them out.  Our website has finally been updated after many years of living in the past!

We will continue to develop and improve our website platform and believe that we can help improve the online experience and presence for many businesses out there.

FairScanQS has also been updated and improved so please visit for more details.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all in 2022 and providing a better product and better service than ever before.  We are under no illusion that it will be tough, but we are ready for that challenge and believe that it will help everyone improve themselves and their business.

Please feel free to reach out and have a chat with us about anything.  We have spoken to a lot of businesses throughout the Covid period and have picked up many tips and tricks along the way that we are happy to pass on.

As always we are here to try and make your business more professional, more efficient and ultimately more successful so please let us know if we can help you in any way.

Luke Hovey

Click here to view some of the websites that we have developed for our customers