FairScan will be providing onsite support at fairs in 2022 including the Gift & Lifestyle fairs, Reed Gift Fairs and AGHA Gift Fair August fair.

Please note that onsite support is not available for the AGHA Sydney February Gift Fair.  Instead remote support will be provided to customers who are on a FairScan Annual Support Plan.

We will be providing the same level of support during these fairs as we have in the past which includes being available onsite during setup and on each fair day from open to close.

Exact details on FairScan Support 2022 will be published on our website and sent out via email in the weeks leading up to the fairs.

Please contact FairScan if you haven’t heard from us and are exhibiting at an upcoming Trade Fair.  We do our best to contact you in advance but sometimes we may miss your business in the stand listings.

Credits for paid but unused Support Plans will be issued in the New Year and applied to upcoming invoices.  You will not be charged for any Fairs that you didn’t exhibit at in previous years.

More details on FairScan Annual Support plans will be issued shortly.

Please click here for more details on FairScan Support.