All of our handhelds come with an in-built barcode scanner and replaceable battery.

With a built in barcode scanner, there is no need to add a physical attachment/barcode scanner to the handheld or worry about pairing with a Bluetooth scanner.
Simply point the scanner at a barcode and press the button to add products to your order.

In most situations the battery on the handheld will last for 2-3 days during a fair or 1-2 full days out on the road.
There is also the option to remove the battery and replace with an already charged battery to eliminate any downtime due to charging.

Our most popular handhelds are listed below along with a comparison table at the bottom of the page.

MC40 Handheld


The MC40 handhelds uses the Android operating system so it feels more like a phone than a traditional handheld.  New users will find the navigation and menus very similar to their modern smartphone which allows for easy setup for reps and agents as well as an easy learning curve for new users.

This handheld has the fastest barcode scanner and can connect to any Wifi network making it perfect to use at Trade Fairs, Showrooms and by reps and agents on the road.



  • Feels like a phone
  • Full touchscreen
  • Fastest barcode scanner
  • Easy to use


The MC55 is a rugged, reliable handheld that runs the Windows Mobile operating system.  It has a fast barcode scanner built in and can connect to any Wifi network.

This is a rugged device which can be dropped onto concrete from 4ft without any damage.  It is a great device to use outside fairs or if you are worried about damage.



  • Fast barcode scanner
  • Connect to any Wifi network
  • Rugged
MC55 Handheld
MC50 Handheld


Suited to Trade Fairs or Showrooms only, the MC50 is our most affordable handheld.

The reason why it is only suited to Trade Fairs or Showrooms is that is has limited Wifi connectivity options.  During a Trade Fair we can setup our own router and have specific Wifi configuration setup by that router.  This works well and allows the handheld to print orders and sync wirelessly.

Outside of that environment we don’t have that control so therefore reps can’t connect this handheld to their phone or home Wifi to send orders.  Therefore this device is best suited to a controlled environment.



  • Affordable
  • Suited to Trade Fair only use
  • Windows Mobile