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Website Development

Website Development

I already have a website, why should I upgrade?

If your website is more than 5 years old, then it probably wasn’t designed for use with mobile phones and tablets and therefore would benefit significantly from an upgrade.  More than half of general internet traffic is from mobile phones and tablets these days so having a site optimized for mobile is very important.

There have also been significant changes in style and operation of websites in recent years.  It is pretty easy to tell that a site was developed a long time ago as they tend to look dated, slow and tired.  Having a new site developed will allow you to show your customers that you care about their online experience and are always looking to make improvements to your business.

Perhaps the main reason though is that your customers will love the operation of a new site developed by FairScan.  They will find it easy to use and that will translate to more orders that are bigger in value.  Because of this in most cases a new website will pay itself off within 6 months.

How long does it take to develop a new website?

1 to 3 months is the normal time it takes from the start of development to a site going live.  The actual time depends on content i.e. item images, homepage images, text content. 

We will make it as easy as possible for you to provide the details needed to make the website go live.  If you were to make the development of the website your priority and provide content quickly, then you would probably need to dedicate around 4 hours a week for 4 weeks to have the site ready in a month.

FairScan can build you a site in a week, but content and fine tuning usually adds a few weeks to this timeline.

I would also like a retail website as well as wholesale. Can FairScan help with that?

Yes.  You can operate both retail and wholesale from the same backend.  This means you can load your items once (code, description, details, images etc.) and then load different pricing and minimums for retail vs wholesale.  This means you don’t have to double up the work to run two sites.  You can also restrict specific products for each site allowing you to have ‘wholesale exclusives’ or launch to wholesale first and then to retail.

I already have a website, can I use the data from my existing site for the new site?

Yes.  In most cases we can use item details from your old site and preload registered customers to the new site.  This depends on the platform your current site is using and also whether you wish to update or add item details.  This is discussed with you prior to development and then a decision is decided based on your needs and requirements.

Can I see a preview of the development site before it goes live?

Yes.  Reviewing the development site before it goes live is an important part of the development process.  At this point you will be able to request adjustments if required and also learn how to use the site.

Is the development price quoted a fixed price?

Yes.  Once a quote is provided for you then this covers everything agreed on to develop, train and then launch your new website.  If you wish to add additional features once development has started, then we will advise beforehand as to whether that will cost additional or not.

What if I change my mind during development and want to make changes?

Small changes such as colours, font type, font size etc. are usually included.  New features will be quoted for before any work is done so you can decide if they are worth doing.  We will always tell you beforehand if any request is ‘outside the scope’ of the original agreement.


Will I be able to maintain and update the website myself?

Yes.  Our aim is to have you 100% self-sufficient to maintain and update your website.  We are then available if you have questions or would prefer to pay us to make changes on your behalf.

We have a specific look and feel that we wish to incorporate to our website. Can this be done?

Yes, we can cater for specific requests when it comes to the look and feel of your website.  This must be requested before development and we will discuss the options you have.  The best thing to do is to take a look at the existing sites we have developed and then tell us what you do and don’t like so we can then understand what you like.

Can FairScan help with producing graphics/banners/images for my website?

In-house at FairScan we have basic graphic skills and can create banners with text to a decent standing.  We highly, highly recommend that a professional graphic designer is used to create the banners especially for the homepage.  If you don’t have a graphic designer, FairScan can help find one and can work with them to develop images for you site.

How are new products added in the future?

New products can either be added by a sync (with compatible systems), or via an import, or manually one at a time via the backend.  Importing via a file is pretty easy to do, but some customers prefer to get us to do it for their behalf which we are happy to do.  Alternatively we can train you on how to do it yourself.


As a wholesaler, I don’t want everyone to see my pricing. How can this be done?

The majority of our sites hide pricing of products until a customer has registered and then been approved.  That way new customers can see your products, but not their pricing and therefore are unable to order.  They then must register and provide their details which you can then approve or reject.  Once approved, they can then see pricing and place orders.  It is also possible to hide all products if you wish so that only registered and approved customers can see your products.

Can I deny specific users from accessing my website?

Yes.  You can either reject them once they register or you can change an approved customer to rejected which then restricts them from accessing the site.

How does the website sync with MYOB/Xero?

We have sync options that allow orders, items, stock on hand to be synced from popular Accounting Systems such as MYOB and Xero.  This avoids the need to rekey orders taken on the website and also allows price changes made in the Accounting System to be loaded via sync to the website.

I operate in countries outside Australia. Can that be incorporated into the website?

Yes.  It is possible to run a separate ‘store’ on your website which then has different products and different pricing for another country such as New Zealand.  This way you can use the same backend so you only need to load items once, and then can specify the different details for the other countries such as pricing.

Will my customers find it easy to place orders?

Yes.  Customers can add products quickly and in bulk without having to click through to each product one at a time.  The ‘add to cart’ feature we use has been developed for wholesale businesses where customers add more than one product and usually order more than 1 quantity of each product.  Users find our interface easy to use and we use a very similar interface for all our sites so that it is familiar for users across who have visited other sites we have developed.

Can I add new features or upgrade my website in the future?

Yes.  We recommend making improvements or refinement in the future and we can assist you with doing that.

How long will I be able to use my new site?

History shows us that websites generally change significantly every 10 years or so.  That may slow down in the future but it is easy to pick a site developed 10 years ago vs a current site.  Therefore a new site should be operational for between 5-10 years but could easily be extended with some maintenance.  Once developed, it will be possible to change the look and feel of the site without having to start from scratch so after say 5 years if you wanted something fresh, you won’t have to pay the development cost again and instead would pay a fraction of that cost to get a fresh looking site.

Website Support

What training is provided?

FairScan will show you everything you need to know to use and maintain your website.  Our aim is to have you as close to 100% self-sufficient as possible so you can do everything yourself.  We have a set list of tasks to show you before the site goes live.

What website support is provided?

We can help you with anything related to the website.  Once the site is live we keep track of any support requests and then charge at the end of each quarter for support used based on our hourly rate.  We charge in 1 minute blocks with a minimum of 5 minutes.  If you don’t need support, then you won’t pay anything (other than hosting).

How is website support provided?

All website support is provided remotely via phone, email and remote access.

In the future can FairScan load new items or update content for me?

Yes.  As mentioned we want you to be self-sufficient but if you would like us to update content or items then we can do that on your behalf.  We are happy to help and most support requests are attended to within 1 business day during off peak time (outside fairs).


Where is the website hosted?

In Australia on a server setup and maintained by FairScan.  We have full control over the server

What hosting plan should I go on?

This depends on the number of visitors and orders that are received each day but most sites operate fine on our ‘small’ plan which is the default plan.  It is possible to go to a higher plan whenever required.

What about emails?

FairScan doesn’t host emails.  Although emails and websites share the domain (i.e. they are usually treated separately.  Your options are to continue paying your current email provider, or to move to Google which costs approx. $10 per user per month.  Pricing and assistance options can be provided on request.