FairScan provides on-site support at Trade Fairs and remote support for Websites


Extra details on Support are detailed below for existing FairScan users

Internet Access


Internet access is now required to scan name badges at Reed, Life inStyle and AGHA Fairs

With the introduction of new name badges at Reed and AGHA fairs, you now require Internet access to be able to scan these badges and receive the contact details of that customer.
Internet access is only required for Reed and AGHA fairs. You don’t need Internet access for the Gift & Lifestyle fairs run by Expertise.
You can supply your own Internet Access or you can purchase a 4G Modem through FairScan.
Please note that using your phones Hotspot isn’t recommended.


FairScan will continue to provide onsite support, phone/email/remote support outside fairs, and software updates during 2022 and the years ahead

You are required to advise FairScan of which fairs you are exhibiting at in 2022 so that an invoice can be issued for your FairScan Annual Support.

Please click the link even if you are not exhibiting in 2021

FairScan Support
Reed. LIS, AGHA Badge


New name badges are being introduced in 2021 for Reed, Life inStyle and AGHA Fairs

For Reed, AGHA and Life inStyle fairs in 2022, new name badges are being introduced.
Retailers will no longer be able to use the same name badge to enter Reed and AGHA Fairs.
Changes to the name badges also mean changes to the way you scan the name badges for new customers.


Laptops running Windows XP must be upgraded if you wish to scan the new name badges

Due to the changes to the name badges, laptops at the fair now need to be connected to the Internet. This means that laptops running Windows XP need to be upgraded to Windows 7.
FairScan can do this upgrade for you free of charge (new Windows licence may be required).
Please note that if your laptop is already running Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or Windows 11, then you can ignore this page as your laptop does not need updating.

Windows XP
Support Plan


To receive Support in 2022, please select a FairScan Support Plan

In order to receive support from FairScan, and to be able to scan the new name badges at Reed fairs, you must select a Support Plan for 2022.


Older Palm handhelds can no longer scan name badges at Reed, LIS and AGHA fairs

Due to the changes made to the name badges, the older Palm handhelds are unable to scan the name badges at Reed and AGHA fairs.

They can still be used to capture orders, but any new customer must be recorded manually on the handheld.

Palm Handhelds