Internet Access


  • Internet access is now required to scan name badges at Reed, Life inStyle and AGHA Fairs
  • You can supply your own Internet access or purchase an Optus prepaid device from FairScan
  • It isn’t recommended that you use your phones hotspot or the free WIFI at the fair
  • Internet access is only required when scanning name badges.  Taking orders,  syncing orders, printing orders, and running reports do not require Internet access
  • Internet access is only required if you have the appropriate handhelds and want to be able to scan the new name badges
  • Internet access isn’t required for Gift & Lifestyle fairs (Expertise Events)



With the introduction of new name badges at Reed and AGHA fairs, you now require Internet access to be able to scan these badges and receive the contact details of that customer.

Previously when scanning name badges the contact details were read directly off the name badge.  As of 2021 when scanning name badges at Reed and AGHA fairs, once the badge is scanned, you now need to go online to retrieve the contact details of that customer.  This process is automatic.

Please note that you only need Internet Access to download contact details when scanning a new customer’s name badge.  If the Internet drops out you can still scan orders, print orders, run reports and do all other functions within the FairScan Trade Show software.  The only thing you can’t do without Internet access is receive contact details for new customers.

Internet access is only required for Reed and AGHA fairs.  You don’t need Internet access for the Gift & Lifestyle fairs run by Expertise.

This process is seamless and once setup you don’t have to do anything different at all.  The handheld user will experience a small delay (approx. 5 seconds) between scanning a badge and having their contact details displayed on the handheld screen.

The only thing that changes for the handheld user is the small wait for the contact details to be downloaded.  They don’t have to do anything different on the handheld to what they have done in the past.

FairScan can provide you with a prepaid Optus 4G USB Modem for $60 which includes you owning the modem/stick outright, and your first 14 days or 4GB of data to be used at the fair.

This is all you need for the upcoming fair.

For future fairs you can then follow instructions provided by FairScan to recharge the Optus Mobile Broadband.  Current costs indicate that $20 recharge will be required per fair.  

Alternatively you can provide your own Internet device to provide your laptop with Internet access.  There is nothing special about the Optus USB Modem we provide.  It plugs into the side of the laptop and gives the laptop Internet access.  If you already own such a device or wish to purchase your own, then that is fine.

Important to note that using the Exhibition Centre’s free WIFI or using your phones Hotspot isn’t recommended.

The free WIFI at the fair is very slow and will result in an increased delay when scanning the name badge and retrieving the contact details.  Using your own Internet will make this process faster.

If you plan to use your phone’s Hotspot then you will need to keep your phone close to the laptop and ensure your Hotspot doesn’t turn off or your battery doesn’t run flat.  Using your phone will most likely lead to a situation where someone scans a badge and doesn’t receive the contact details back due to the Hotspot failing for one of the reasons listed above.

Remember you only need Internet access to scan new name badges.  If you lose Internet access you can still scan orders, print orders, run reports etc.  You just won’t receive the contact details when you scan the name badge of a new customer.  Once Internet access is back, then the contact details will be downloaded.

Optus Prepaid Mobile Broadband


You can purchase a new Optus Prepaid USB Mobile Broadband modem from FairScan for $60.

This device will plug into your laptop or router and provide Internet access which will enable the new name badges to be scanned.

The device comes with 4GB of data which expires after 28 days.  This is more than enough to provide the Internet for the duration of the fair.

Then in future fairs the device can be recharged through Optus at an approximate cost of $30 per fair.

The device will be activated in the weeks leading up to the fair.  You will be required to provide proof of identity (drivers licence) when the device is activated.  

FairScan will activate the device for you and test it to ensure it is working and ready to use.

Alternatively you can provide your own Internet access.  You can use whichever carrier you prefer (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone etc.) and there are no special settings required.  As long as your laptop can access the Internet for the duration of the fair then you will be able to scan the new name badges.

Optus USB

An Optus Prepaid USB Modem can be purchased from FairScan for $60


Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions in relation to Internet access.

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If you have any further questions please email

Can I use my phone’s Hotspot to connect the laptop to the Internet?

This isn’t recommended. If you use your phones Hotspot to connect the laptop to the internet then it will work, but you must keep your phone close to the laptop, keep the Hotspot on and make sure you phone doesn’t run out of battery.

You may only scan a new customers badge once an hour, so during that time your phone would turn off the Hotspot to avoid the battery draining. If that happens then you won’t receive the contact details of the new customer because the laptop won’t be connected to the Internet.

So although using a phone’s Hotspot is possible and would work, it would most likely fail multiple times during a day therefore making it unsuitable to use.

Can I use the free Wifi at the fair?

You can, but it isn’t recommended because it is slow. If you use the free WIFI at the fair then you will most likely have to wait longer between scanning a name badge and receiving the contact details back to the handheld.

The free WIFI might come in handy in case of emergency (i.e. lost the USB model, left it at hotel etc.) but it isn’t’ the recommended way to connect to the Internet during a fair.

How much data will be used during a fair?

A very small amount of data would be used during a fair. Approximately 2-3MB would be used for the duration of the fair to scan name badges. This is the equivalent of visiting 1 website or sending multiple emails.

Can I browse the internet whilst at the fair on my laptop?

Yes. FairScan won’t install Anti-Virus software on the laptop unless requested, so be careful opening files or attachments but you can surf the Internet without issue.

Can I use my own supplied Internet such as from Telstra or Vodafone?

Yes. There are no special requirements about the Internet. As long as it is fast and it works, then it will be fine. You may supply your own Telstra, Optus or Vodafone modem if you like. Just make sure it has credit on it and is ready to use.

Can FairScan help me connect to the Internet with my own device?

FairScan can help and give guidance but it is expected that if you supply your own device then it is up to you to make sure it is linked to a postpaid account or you have enough prepaid credit to get through the fair.

How much will it cost to run the Internet in future fairs?

As of June 2021 Optus charge $30 for 25GB or 28 days expiry (whichever comes first). This would be more than enough for 1 fair. I believe there are cheaper recharge options than this.

If I buy an Optus USB modem off FairScan, will that include data allowance for the Internet?

Yes. When buying an Optus USB modem from FairScan, 4GB data which expires after 14 days is provided. FairScan will activate this modem on your behalf at the fair to ensure it has enough credit to last the entire fair.

If I buy an Optus USB modem off FairScan, will I be on a prepaid or postpaid plan?

Prepaid. You will need to recharge it for the next Reed/AGHA fair, but you won’t have to pay anything in-between if you aren’t using the modem.

Are there any ongoing costs with the Internet?

The Optus device sold by FairScan is prepaid meaning it will have to be recharged for each fair for approx. $30 per fair (first recharge is included in initial cost). FairScan will provide a guide on how to do this and how much to pay prior to the fairs in 2022. Recharge can be done online via credit card or via vouchers that are purchased at supermarkets and convenience stores. FairScan will provide more details on this at a later date.

Can I use the Internet USB Modem outside the fair?

Yes. You will just need to recharge it more often, or spend more when recharging so that is lasts longer. As of June 2021 Optus have a $90 recharge which gives 50GB and 186 days, or a $130 recharge option which gives 80GB or 365 days. So if you intend to use it outside the fair it could be wise to recharge a higher amount to get a longer period of time.

Do I need Internet access all fair?

You only need Internet access when scanning name badges. You don’t need Internet access to scan orders.

That being said you will need Internet access for the duration of the fair as you never know when you will need to scan a name badge. If your internet drops out when scanning an order then that won’t affect the order being scanned or printed. If you drop internet when trying to scan a new customer’s badge, then the details won’t be returned to the handheld at which point you will either need to reconnect to the Internet or record their details manually into the handheld.

Do I need internet access at Gift & Lifestyle fairs (Expertise fairs)?

No. You do not need Internet access at these fairs. The name badge at Gift & Lifestyle has the traditional barcode on it that is similar to what Reed and AGHA used for many years. No internet is required to scan these name badges.

What happens if the Internet drops out during the fair?

Everything will still work as normal, with the exception of the name badge scanning. You can still scan orders, print orders, run reports, update items/customers etc. but you won’t be able to scan a name badge and have the new customers details returned. You can still manually enter new customer details to the handheld to get an order started.

Do I need Internet to scan orders?

No. You only need Internet to scan name badges.

What happens if I don’t want to connect to the Internet?

You can still use the FairScan system, but when you scan a new customer’s name badge, the handheld won’t display their contact details. You will have to enter their contact details manually instead.

Can I still use FairScan if I don’t have the Internet?

Yes. You can do everything except scan name badges.

Should I use Telstra, Optus or Vodafone?

You can use either of these carriers. FairScan recommends Optus as they are more affordable than Telstra and more reliable than Vodafone. As the fairs are located in the middle of Melbourne and Sydney, any of these carriers would be fine to use.

Do I need 5G?

No you don’t need it. If you did use it then the contact details might take a little less time to receive, but at best it might be half a second faster.

Will I need to buy more credit during the fair?

If using prepaid (if buying the Optus USB modem from FairScan then it will be prepaid) then if you run out of credit you can still visit the carriers recharge page and enter a credit card to recharge your device. Scanning badges won’t use much data at all and you would need to spend several hours surfing the internet to use 1GB of data in a day. Therefore unless you are downloading large files you shouldn’t use more than 1GB during an entire fair (of which a tiny portion of that will be for scanning badges).

What happens if I run out of credit mid fair?

You can recharge your device mid fair if you happen to use more data than you purchased. FairScan can assist on request.