Windows XP


  • Windows XP must be upgraded if you wish to scan the new name badges
  • FairScan can upgrade your laptop to Windows 7
  • This service is free, but you may need to buy a Windows 7 licence
  • All Windows 7 upgrades will be done in the FairScan office prior to the fair
  • FairScan can supply you with a new laptop if you prefer a new laptop over upgrading your existing laptop
  • Laptop upgrades must happen prior to the fair, they can’t be done onsite due to the amount of time it takes to upgrade



Due to the changes to the name badges, laptops at the fair now need to be connected to the Internet. This means that laptops running Windows XP need to be upgraded to Windows 7. Microsoft ended support for XP in April 2014 so we have held on for a long time using this operating system.

If you want to be able to scan the new name badges, your laptop can’t be running Windows XP.

If your laptop is running Windows XP, then it will have to be upgraded to Windows 7 if you wish to scan name badges. Please view the guide below that details how to check the version of Windows that you are running.

Please note that if your laptop is already running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10, then you can ignore this page as your laptop does not need updating.

Take a look below to see how to check what version of Windows that your laptop is using.



Option 1 – Upgrade to Windows 7


FairScan will be performing upgrades to Windows 7 free of charge for all customers who have selected an Annual Support plan. If your laptop doesn’t have a licence to run Windows 7 (see guide below on how to check for Windows 7 licence), then a new Windows 7 licence will cost $40.

For FairScan to upgrade your laptop to Windows 7, you will need to send the laptop to FairScan prior to the next Reed or AGHA fair. FairScan will perform the upgrade and then send you the laptop back. You will be required to cover the cost of returning the laptop to you. FairScan will contact you when the laptop is ready with a quote for postage via Australia Post. At this point you can organize your own pickup and delivery if required.

This process will take approximately 2-3 business days to complete and FairScan will do everything possible to get the laptop back to you as fast as possible. Please note that this upgrade can’t be done at the fair during setup as it does take some time to complete and then test. We believe the best way is to send your laptop to FairScan prior to the fair to avoid any last minute rushing.

Please ensure that all non FairScan files are backed up before you send the laptop to FairScan. The laptop will be formatted meaning that everything will be deleted and then a fresh version of Windows will be installed.

FairScan will then install all the required software to use FairScan including the barcode printing software. You can also send through your handhelds and we can load/test them on your behalf. This is free of charge.

You won’t notice significant differences in the laptops user interface between Windows XP and Windows 7. In fact once upgraded to Windows 7 it will look and feel more like the Windows computers you use in the office.

Take a look below to find out how you can tell what version of Windows your laptop is running, how to check to see if a Windows 7 licence will be free or cost $40 and then the instructions on how to send the laptop to FairScan.

Windows 7

address to send laptop to:


112 Devereaux Street
Oak Park, VIC 3046


Option 2 – New Laptop


New HP Windows 10 laptops start at $449ex.

FairScan will shop around on your behalf to find the best available laptop for your needs, and then add $50ex to the cost price of that laptop which covers the loading and configuration of Windows, as well as installing the required software to run FairScan.

Click the button below to learn more about some of the new laptop options that are available.

HP Laptop

Upgrade Process


If you would FairScan to update your laptop to Windows 7, then you must send it back to FairScan.

This process is free of charge for all customers who have selected a FairScan 2021 Support Plan.  As mentioned the only cost is IF a new licence needs to be purchased for your laptop.

Alternatively FairScan can assist you in purchasing a new laptop.  View the section below for more details.

You are required to cover the postage to and from FairScan.  When the laptop is ready FairScan will provide a quote for postage back to you.  At this point you can organise your own delivery/pickup if required.

If your laptop can’t be upgraded to Windows 7, then FairScan will advise of this and provide options to move forward.

Upgrade Steps


1.  Check to see the version of Windows your laptop is currently running

If Windows XP then go to step 2
If Windows 7,8 or 10 then there is no need to update your laptop

2.  Check the sticker on the bottom of the laptop for Windows licence sticker
If there is one for Windows 7 then cost will be $0 to update
If there is no sticker, or if it is for a different version of Windows, the cost will be $40

3.  Contact FairScan to advise them your laptop needs updating

4.  Backup any non FairScan files

5.  Send laptop to FairScan

6.  FairScan will format (wipe) the laptop and then install a fresh copy of Windows 7, will activate Windows and then install the FairScan software

7.  If handhelds are provided FairScan will check, load and test them free of charge

8.  Laptop will be returned to you

How to check to see if your laptop is running Windows XP


The easiest way to tell if your laptop is running Windows XP is to turn it on.

When starting up if your laptop displays the same image as the sample displayed here, then it is running Windows XP and must be updated in order to scan the new name badges.

Screen displayed on startup if running Windows XP

Alternate ways to check Windows version


If the laptop has started, you can check the ‘System Properties’ to see the exact version of Windows.

Press Windows key and Pause/Break keys

A good short cut is to press the Windows Key & Pause/Break keys on the keyboard at the same time.

A screen will then display the version of Windows that your laptop is running.

Some keyboards have slightly different buttons to do this.  Check the image on the right to see what to press using an older HP laptop (click on the image to see a bigger version of the image).

Press fn+Windows+pg up break
Computer Properties

On the desktop locate the ‘My Computer’ or ‘Computer’ icon.  Right click on it and then select ‘Properties’.

A ‘System Properties’ screen will now appear detailing what version of Windows the laptop is using


System Properties

How to check if you have a Windows 7 licence


If your laptop is running Windows XP, then look on the bottom of the laptop for a Windows Licence sticker.

If you have a Licence sticker AND it says ‘Windows 7’ AND if the code underneath is readable, then the update to Windows 7 for that laptop will be free.

If there is no sticker, or if the sticker says ‘Windows XP’ or ‘Windows Vista’ then you will be required to pay $40 for the update to Windows 7.  FairScan will do this on your behalf once the laptop is returned to FairScan and you will be invoiced once successfully updated.

If you look at the image here you can see that there is a Licence sticker on the bottom of the laptop in the photo and the sticker says ‘Windows 7….’ and has a code that is readable.  For this laptop there is no cost to updating to Windows 7.


Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions in relation to Windows XP.

Click on the question in the light grey box to view the answer.

If you have any further questions please email

Why can I no longer use Windows XP?

Windows XP doesn’t have the functions required to connect to servers to download the retailers contact details when name badges are scanned.
We tried to work around this so users didn’t have to update from Windows XP, but in the end decided that the best way forward for security and functionality reasons, is to update laptops to at least Windows 7.

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP in April 2014 so it has been amazing that we have been able to use it for so long.

Do I have to update Windows XP if I plan not to scan the new name badges?

No. You can still continue to use Windows XP as you normally would but you will be unable to scan name badges at Reed and AGHA fairs. You can still continue to scan orders and manually create new customers.

How can I tell if I have to pay for the upgrade to Windows 7?

Look for a licence sticker on the bottom of the laptop. If there is a sticker and says it is for ‘Windows 7’, then the upgrade will be free (postage costs will apply).

How much does it cost to upgrade to Windows 7?

FairScan will not charge any customer who is on Annual Support for the labour required to upgrade their laptop to Windows 7. There is no charge for our time to do that.

Some laptops may not have a licence to upgrade to Windows 7 and therefore FairScan will purchase an upgrade licence for $40 on your behalf and invoice once the laptop has been updated.

How do you upgrade Windows on my laptop?

A fresh copy of Windows will be installed on your laptop. Windows 7 is what will be attempted first. All files on your computer will be deleted and replaced with fresh files. FairScan will install all the required software programs to run the FairScan system and to print barcodes.

Will my laptop be slower on Windows 7?

The laptop will most likely take a little longer to start each morning but once up and running it will be of similar speed as to what it was when running Windows XP.

Is there anything I need to do once I receive my laptop back?

The only thing we can’t do is install your printer as the physical printer needs to be connected in order for that to happen. FairScan can do this for you once the printer is available. It is recommended that this get done in your office once the laptop is returned rather than at the fair during setup days.

How long will it take for FairScan to update my laptop?

Once FairScan receives the laptop we will do our best to have it sent back to you within 2-3 business days.

If I send FairScan my laptop and it can’t be updated to Windows 7, will I be charged anything?

No. If for whatever reason your laptop can’t be updated, then FairScan won’t charge you anything and will then provide you with options to replace the laptop.

When can I send my laptop to FairScan to update?

Anytime except for between the 1st and 8th of July. During this time FairScan will be in Queensland supporting the Gift & Lifestyle fair on the Gold Coast and there will no one to sign for delivery during these dates.

An ideal time would be the laptop to arrive at FairScan before the 1st July. If not, then anytime during the week starting the 12th July will be fine.
Please ensure that the laptop arrives at FairScan no later than Friday 16th July.

Can the upgrade to Windows 7 be done at the fair?

No. There won’t be enough time during the setup of the fair to update Windows, install FairScan and test. The laptop must be sent to FairScan prior to the fair for this to be done.

Can I upgrade perform the upgrade to Windows 7 myself?

Yes, as long as you know what you are doing! If you have a contact that can do this for you then they can install a fresh version of Windows and then have FairScan remote access the laptop to install the FairScan software.

Note that if someone else updates Windows, then FairScan will be limited in our ability to troubleshoot any Windows issues that arise as we weren’t the ones to load the laptop and are unsure of what we can edit/adjust.

How will my laptop be returned to me?

Once received, FairScan will do our best to have your laptop sent back within 2-3 business days. That means that you should allow approx. 2 weeks between sending it and getting it back. We will do our best to get it back as quickly as possible.

Do I need to send my handhelds with the laptop?

It is recommended that you send your handhelds and your wireless router (where applicable) so they can be setup and tested. This isn’t compulsory, but it is a really good idea and is a free service.

Can FairScan load my handhelds?

Yes. If you send us the data (item and customer files) we can load your handhelds free of charge.

Can FairScan service my handhelds if I send them with the laptop?

Yes. For free of charge we can assess your handhelds and advise of any small fixes that can be done to improve/service them. A quote will be provided before any work outside general maintenance is performed.

Can FairScan return the laptop to me at the fair?

No. We wish to avoid having to deliver laptops to stands during setup of the fair. In the past we have found this to be time consuming for us and also a risk in we may misplace one of the laptops we are carrying whilst doing our rounds. It is best that the laptop be sent back to you prior to the fair so you can complete the final loading of data and testing.

Can my laptop be upgraded to Windows 10?

Maybe. This will depend on the laptop and can be considered on request.

Can I buy a new laptop instead of upgrading my existing laptop?

Yes. If you are running Windows Mobile handhelds (coloured screen), then you can use any Windows laptop at the fair as long as it is running Windows 7 or higher.

FairScan must be notified well in advance of the fair if another computer is to be used at the fair as a time will need to be booked to install the software (can be done remotely) and the connections of the laptop will need to be assessed.

Should I buy a new laptop instead of updating?

If you want to do emailing at the fair or other tasks, then it might be worth considering buying a new laptop. Good laptops cost around $1,000 and FairScan can organize this for you on request.

Alternatively if you wanted the cheapest new laptop that is available (approx. $450), then FairScan can organize one for you.

What is the cheapest new laptop available that can be used?

FairScan has purchased new laptops for customers previously that cost approx. $400. They are small, lightweight and work well with the FairScan system. Such laptops shouldn’t be used for day to day tasks as they would be quite slow, but for FairScan they are a very cost effective option.

Can I use another laptop that I have instead?

Yes you can but you must advise FairScan of this well in advance of the fair and it must be running an error free/clean version of Windows. FairScan can install a fresh version of Windows on most laptops on request but this can’t be done in the week leading up to the fair. FairScan will install Windows free of charge, but a new Windows licence may be required.

If I get FairScan to update my laptop can I change my mind later?

Yes. If you get FairScan to update your current laptop to Windows 7, and then find it too slow or change your mind once it has been done, then an alternative laptop can be considered.

If I upgrade my laptop, what should I do with my old one?

Keep it as a backup. If you have a laptop that was supplied by FairScan for the fair, then most likely it was a basic/affordable model and therefore would have limited use outside the fair. I would recommend keeping any old laptop that was used for FairScan as a backup just in case it needs to be used in the future.

I have files/documents on the laptop now, should I back them up before sending the laptop to FairScan?

Yes. It is your responsibility to either backup any files you need on the laptop before sending it to FairScan or tell us which files you need backed up. It is highly recommended that you do the backup yourself so you save all the files you need.
The laptop will be formatted meaning that all files will be deleted. A fresh version of Windows is then installed and then FairScan will install and setup all the required files needed to use the FairScan system.

Will everything be deleted?

FairScan will back up all FairScan related files and history from the laptop before installing a fresh copy of Windows on it. All other files will be deleted.

If you have files that you wish to keep then we recommend you copying them prior to sending the laptop to FairScan. Alternatively it is up to you to advise FairScan of the files that you wish to retail. If you do so then we will copy them and put them back on the laptop.

Please note it isn’t FairScan’s responsibility to backup any files that aren’t related to FairScan. We can only copy the files we are told about

Will I be able to print barcodes when I get the laptop back?

Yes. FairScan will install the required software to print barcodes.

What if I need to print barcodes whilst FairScan has my laptop?

If you have a Windows computer in the office, FairScan can remote access that computer and setup and install the software for you to print barcodes. You don’t have to print barcodes from the laptop. We can set the barcode software up on multiple computers so you have more than one option for barcode printing.

How can other programs be installed?

FairScan can install any programs that you request. We do recommend to only install the programs needed to operate FairScan, but if you have a specific requirement, please let us know.

Where to send the laptop to?

Please send the laptop to:

112 Devereux Street
Oak Park, VIC 3046

Please email FairScan at letting us know that the laptop is on its way and any tracking details.

How will the laptop be sent back to me?

FairScan will contact you when the laptop is ready to send back and ask you how you want it send back. FairScan will provide you with a quote to use Australia Post or you can organize your own pickup and delivery.

If you want FairScan to send out via Australia Post then an invoice will be issued to you to cover the cost of postage. There is no handling or extra fees, just the cost of the postage.