FairScan provides on-site support at Reed Gift Fairs, AGHA Gift Fairs and Gift & Lifestyle Fairs


FairScan will be providing onsite support at all the major Gift Fairs throughout Australia.

At Fully Supported Fairs, FairScan provides onsite support during setup and each day during the fair from open to close.

Prior to each fair we do our best to find your stand number and send out an email in the week before the fair advising of support times, locations and other important news in relation to the fair.

If you are exhibiting at a Fully Supported Fair and don’t receive an email, then please let us know so we can add you to our support list.  Also check our website for support details as we also publish online the details that were provided in the email.

Fully Supported Fairs are charged for in our Annual Support Plan.  Customers on such a plan will receive support before, during and after these fairs for all support requests in relation to these fairs.

Please take a look at the list below to see which fairs FairScan fully supports.

Reed Gift Fair


FairScan provides Onsite Support at all the major Gift & Homewares Fairs throughout Australia.  Fully supported fairs include:

Gift & Lifestyle Fairs

Melbourne February
Brisbane July
Sydney September

Reed Gift Fairs

Sydney February
Melbourne August

Life inStyle

Sydney February
Melbourne July/August

AGHA Gift Fairs

Sydney February
(remote support will be provided for the 2022 Feb fair)
Melbourne August
(onsite support will return for Melbourne August 2022)


Partially Supported Fairs are fairs that we know of, but don’t provide onsite support during the fair and instead provide remote support.  For these fairs we are available during fair hours for support (even on weekends).

On occasion we may visit the fair to check-up on our customers, but please don’t rely/expect this as it will be dependent on location and the number of customers that are exhibiting at these fairs.

Such fairs aren’t charged for Support in your Annual Support Plan and assistance provided may be charged at our hourly rate.


New Zealand Gift & Homeware Fairs

Auckland March
Christchurch June
Auckland August


Toy Fair

Melbourne March


Decor & Design

Melbourne July


If you exhibit at a fair that isn’t listed on either list above, then it is likely that FairScan is unaware of that fair.  If you think you will require support, then please let us know that you are exhibiting and when the fair is on and we will update you on our availability.

Please don’t assume that because you are exhibiting at a fair, that FairScan is aware of it and providing support.  Please let us know if you are exhibiting at a fair that isn’t on either of the lists.




If required Remote Support can be provided on prior request at any fair that isn’t listed above.