FairScan Trading Terms

Last modified: 7th April 2015



FairScan reserves the right to update and/or alter these terms at any time without prior notice






FairScan:  Refers to FairScan Pty Ltd, its staff and representatives

Business:  Refers to a FairScan customer or client either existing, past or new

Customer:  Same as Business

System:  Refers to the FairScan software and associated hardware and cables such as handhelds, printers, routers and other peripheral items

Annual Support Plan:  The yearly fee FairScan charges to maintain ongoing support of the FairScan System

System Administrator:  A person nominated in your business to be the primary point of contact for FairScan. The System Administrator will be responsible for all FairScan support within the business and should be the first point of contact internally before FairScan is contacted

1.  Business

1.1   Payment Terms

1.1.1    FairScan’s Payment Terms are 14 days from date of invoice unless previously agreed to

1.1.2    Any Business on an Interest Free payment plan whose credit card fails processing will be asked to provide updated details or an alternative payment method with 3 business days of the scheduled payment otherwise a $30 administration fee per instance will be charged

1.1.3    FairScan reserves the right to refuse service to any Business with an overdue account

1.1.4    Invoices over 12 months overdue will incur a $100 late fee and will be forwarded to a Debt Collector

1.1.5    FairScan accepts credit card payments via VISA or MasterCard payments. AMEX and other cards aren’t accepted

1.1.6    All invoices over $1,000 will incur a 1.5% surcharge when paid via credit card

1.1.7    Any discount given for upfront payment will be forfeited if a Business fails to make payment within the due date as shown on the invoice

1.1.8    Title of goods shall not pass until full amount of invoice has been received

1.2   Postage

1.2.1   All postage sent by FairScan will be sent by Australia Parcel Post unless requested by the customer

1.2.2   All postage is to be charged at customers expense unless specified by FairScan

1.2.3   The customer will be charged for postage costs on any item that is re-sent for any reason

1.2.4   Tracking details will be sent to the Businesses contact email address on request

1.2.5   FairScan is not responsible for any loss or damage made by Australia Post or any other carrier

1.2.6   Postage Insurance is only available on request at the Businesses expense

1.2.7   FairScan will not provide any compensation on any lost, damaged or delay

1.2.8   Any undelivered items may be followed up by FairScan on request only after 7 days from date of lodgement

1.2.9   All postage items will be packaged in postage cost efficient protective packaging. Extra protection is available on request

1.2.10  All items will be opened and tested by FairScan prior to them being sent

1.2.11  FairScan reserves the right to charge a handling fee for urgent postage items. This fee will be charged in addition to any postage charges.

1.2.12  FairScan is not responsible for delays in delivery

1.2.13  It is not the responsibility of FairScan to track and determine the location or delivery times of your postage items within 7 days of lodgement with the carrier. This responsibility lies solely with the receiver. The receiver should contact the carrier for any enquiries relating to delivery times and locations of postage items

1.2.14  All deliveries made to a stand at a Trade Fair will incur a $20 delivery fee

1.3   Discontinuation of FairScan

1.3.1    FairScan requires written confirmation via email that a business wishes to discontinue using the FairScan Software otherwise Annual Support will continue to be charged

1.3.2    Business remains liable for all open invoices

1.3.3    Notice must be received within 14 days of any upcoming trade fair, failure to do so will result in a charge for that fair

1.3.4    If notice is received after a trade fair, the business shall still be liable for charges relating to that fair regardless of whether they used FairScan at the fair or not

1.3.5    If cancelled mid year a pro-rata charge will be applied to Annual Support fees

1.3.6    Support invoices are issued during January, and are due 14 days later. Notice of discontinuation received before this due date will result in this support invoice becoming void. Any notice of discontinuation received after the due date will incur a prorated charge. Any other invoices that are due are still payable

1.3.7    Any support invoices that are requested to be cancelled after the due payment date due to discontinuation, will be charged at a prorated rate as decided by FairScan

1.3.8    FairScan reserves the right to reclaim any supplied hardware to discontinued businesses who fail to provide full payment of any open invoices

1.3.9    Server or handheld licences are not transferrable to any other business

1.3.10   Server or handheld licences cannot be sold to any other business

1.3.11   Server or handheld licences cannot be refunded or bought back by FairScan

1.4  Upgrades

1.4.1    Businesses that purchased the FairScan Palm System must pay an upgrade fee if they wish to use the FairScan PPC System

1.4.1    Updates to FairScan are only available to business that are on an Annual Support Plan. A fee will be charged for any business not on a support plan.

1.4.2    By installing any software updates businesses are agreeing to the latest terms and conditions as found on the FairScan website

1.5  Licencing

1.5.1    Purchase of the FairScan System allows for use within 1 business only

1.5.2    All additional handhelds must purchase a handheld licence from FairScan

1.5.3    Any replacement handhelds won’t be charged a licence fee

1.5.4    Any PPC replacement handheld will be charged a $50 reloading fee

1.5.5    Any damaged hardware must be returned to FairScan at Businesses expense as proof of failure

1.5.6    Should a replacement be provided then the original item will not be returned to the Business

1.5.7    Any Business name changes within the System must be approved and performed by FairScan. FairScan may charge a fee for this

1.7   Business Ownership Change

1.7.1    If a business is sold then that new owner/worker must be adequately trained in the use of the FairScan system

1.7.2    FairScan reserves the right to enforce onsite training for new business owners at the cost of the Business

1.7.3    If the Business is split then only 1 licence is available to be used

1.7.4    FairScan reserves the right to charge a fee for any business name changes within the FairScan or assocated software

2.  Setup

2.1 Initial Setup

2.1.1 FairScan will provide 12 months of Initial Support for new customers that purchase the FairScan System

2.1.2 The Business must then select an Annual Support Plan in order to receive support

2.1.3 Businesses that fail to select an Annual Support Plan will be charged casual rates. Casual rates are charged at a premium in comparison to an Annual Support Plan

2.2   Training

2.2.1    FairScan will provide an appropriate amount of training to the Business prior to their first use of the FairScan System

2.2.2    FairScan recommends that there should be one person in that Business that is trained in all aspects of the FairScan System (FairScan Administrator)

2.2.3    If the FairScan Administrator leaves the Business then FairScan may insist on additional training at the cost of the Business

2.2.4    If the FairScan Administrator doesn’t have an adequate understanding of the FairScan System after the initial training then FairScan may insist on additional training at the cost of the Business

2.2.5    Regular questions on the same issue from the Business may result in additional training being provided at the cost of the Business

2.2.6    Additional Training can be insisted on by FairScan at any time at the cost of the Business

2.2.7    FairScan reserves the right to refuse providing detailed training at fairs during peak periods due to time constraints. Instead a solution will be provided and the problem fixed. Subject to availability FairScan can be asked to revisit the stand to provide more detailed instructions at a later date/time. To guarantee training the Business may wish to purchase a FairScan Extra Onsite Training pack.

2.3   New Customers

2.3.1    All new customers are required to read the FairScan New Customer Introduction document

2.3.2    All new customers must understand the capabilities and functions of the FairScan System

2.3.3    All new customers must take the time to learn the processes required to use the FairScan System

2.3.4    All new customers are required to read and accept the full FairScan Terms and Conditions prior to using the system

2.4   Barcoding

2.4.1    FairScan will assist with the initial setup and training of barcoding items

2.4.2    FairScan will provide advise but is not responsible for any barcoding produced by the Business

2.4.3    Unless specified the barcodes that FairScan assist with are for internal purposes only and shouldn’t be supplied to the Businesses own customers

2.4.4    The Business is responsible for creating and maintaining barcodes for their items

3.  Support

3.1  Support Hours

3.1.1    FairScan Office Hours are Monday to Friday – 9am – 5pm AEST/ADST

3.1.2    FairScan will offer extended Support Hours during supported fairs. These hours will be published on the FairScan website

3.1.3    FairScan will be closed over Christmas for 2 weeks

3.1.4    FairScan can provide support outside support hours on request, surcharges may apply

3.1.5    Requested support outside support hours(see above) can either leave a message or incur a charge of $5 flag fall plus $90 per hour to be connected to a worker outside business hours. Minimum charge of $10 applies.

3.2  Support

3.2.1    To receive FairScan Support the Business must be on an Annual Support Plan or be within the initial support period

3.2.2    FairScan Support is intended to advise customers of procedures, processes, to give advice and assist with troubleshooting. It is the businesses responsibility to ensure that such advice is appropriate for their business.

3.2.3    FairScan Annual Support Plans covers:

Questions or queries from FairScan Administrators regarding FairScan’s tasks/functions/processes
Provide advice and to assist in the troubleshooting of problems
Onsite stand support during a Fully Supported Fair
General assistance in relation to the FairScan System
Software Updates

3.2.4    FairScan Annual Support Plans do not cover:

Onsite Visits
Out of hours support (unless agreed to)
Software customisation
Training of new staff
Loading handhelds
Checking handhelds
Printing barcodes
One on one training at your stand prior to a fair
Importing to your Accounting Systems
Exporting from your Accounting Systems
Anything else not specified in the included list above

3.2.5    Any direct contact outside fairs from agents or reps will be counted towards FairScan Minutes

3.2.6    FairScan reserves the right to charge the Business if they change Accounting Systems and therefore require additional training, software or require software adjustments

3.2.7    FairScan is not responsible for performing tasks for the Business such as but not limited to importing/exporting, printing barcodes, completing checklists, training additional staff, loading and checking handhelds. Many of these tasks are available as ‘FairScan Extras’

3.2.8    During peak times (Jan-March & July-September) there may be a delay in receiving support. During such times you will be given the opportunity to book in a day and time for FairScan to assist you

3.2.9    Please allow at least 24 hours for support requests to be responded to

3.3  Annual Support Plans

3.3.1    Annual support plans are renewed each January each year, and are valid for that calendar year only. Support will not rollover in the new year

3.3.2    Support Invoices must be paid in full by the due date in order for the Business to receive support

3.3.3    The Business must advise FairScan of any changes to the number of fairs they plan to attend during the year

3.3.4    Businesses that select a fair at the start of the year but choose not to attend that fair will receive a credit from FairScan on request

3.3.5    Businesses that attend an additional fully supported fair will be charged accordingly

3.3.6    It is expected that all Businesses select an Annual Support plan to enable FairScan to continue to develop the software and also to provide yearlong phone assistance as well as onsite support during fairs

3.4  No Support Plan

3.4.1    Businesses that do not elect to have an Annual Support Plan will be charged on each correspondence with FairScan when requesting assistance

3.4.2    Businesses with no support plan will not be checked on during fair

3.4.3    Businesses with no support plan will not receive any software updates

3.4.4    All casual support requests are charged in 10 minute increments

3.4.5    A minimum of 10 minutes is charged per casual support requests

3.4.6    FairScan Casual Support charges can be viewed at FairScan Casual Plan

3.4.7    Businesses that receive Casual Support from FairScan may select to go on a Support Plan rather than incurring the Casual Support charge. This will cover the business for that support as well as for future support for the rest of the year. The Annual fee will not be charged pro rata.

3.4.8    The Business will need to be on an Annual Support plan for 2 consecutive years before they are entitled to software updates or they can pay a fee of $500 on top of the Annual Support fee to receive the latest version

3.5  FairScan Extras

3.5.1    FairScan Extras are available to Businesses who would like FairScan to complete tasks not covered by the Annual Support Plan

3.5.2    FairScan Extras are considered to be tasks that the Business has been trained on and are expected to do but either don’t have the time or prefer FairScan to do. Therefore they are charged outside the Annual Support Plan

3.5.3    A discount is provided to Businesses that pre-book FairScan Extras prior to a fair

3.5.4    FairScan Extras are single instance only and must be re-purchased for future fairs

3.5.5    The Business should treat all tasks listed in the FairScan Extras document to be considered outside the Annual Support Plan

3.5.6    FairScan reserves the right to charge the Business for a FairScan Extra if they insist on FairScan completing that task for them

3.6   Service Refusal

3.6.1    FairScan reserves the right to refuse service to any Business or Individual that:

Is rude, obscene, aggressive, demanding, demeaning or disrespectful to FairScan and or its staff and representatives
Is not on an Annual Support Plan
Has overdue payments
Has incurred an error that FairScan has previously provided a detailed solution on
Is running hardware that FairScan has warned or advised against
Has called outside Support Hours
In reference to an issue not related to the FairScan System

4.  Software

4.1  FairScan Features & Functions

4.1.1    It is the Businesses responsibility to understand the functions and features of the FairScan System

4.1.2    FairScan will provide all required details and answer questions regarding the capabilities of the FairScan System on request

4.1.3    If the Business requires a feature or function that isn’t present/available in the FairScan System then a quote for development will be provided on request

4.2   Customisation

4.2.1    All customisation of the FairScan System will require a quote for development

4.2.2    The quote will cover development, testing and installation

4.2.3    FairScan reserves the right to charge the full cost of development to the Business

4.2.4    Businesses will still be liable for development costs if they have signed off on customisation but then change their mind once development has started

4.2.5    All customisation invoices are required to be paid upfront before development begins

4.2.6    Customisation requests require a minimum of 6 weeks for development and testing

4.3   Updates

4.3.1    Updates to the Trade Show software are generally released twice a year in February and July

4.3.2    Any requested changes that have been approved will be made available in the next release

4.3.3    Unless specified any updates/modifications/customisations/fixes won’t be made available until the next release

4.4   Integration

4.4.1    FairScan supports the importing/exporting to many popular Accounting Systems

4.4.2    FairScan reserves the right to charge customers for development if changes are needed to be made to the import/export procedure with their Accounting System

4.4.3    Any changes to Accounting Systems that affect the Integration with the FairScan System that require either investigation, development or testing from FairScan is considered outside the Annual Support Plan and will need to be quoted for

4.4.4    FairScan is not responsible for failure to integrate due to changes to either the Accounting System or other factors such as networks, servers, computer and incompatible hardware/software

4.4.5    If the Business changes Accounting Systems then a quote will need to be provided for any training, development or setup costs

4.5   Software Rental

4.5.1    Businesses that rent the FairScan Software will receive support during the rental period

4.5.2    When renting the FairScan System, a laptop will be supplied to the Business

4.5.3    Laptop must be returned to FairScan within 2 weeks of the completion of the rental period at cost to the Business and must be returned in fully working order

4.5.4    Businesses must not make copies of any FairScan software

5.   Hardware

5.1   Hardware

5.1.1    FairScan will recommend and supply, if required, the necessary hardware required to operate the FairScan System

5.1.2    FairScan does not maintain or service Printers

5.1.3    FairScan reserves the right to refuse to install or service hardware that is either:

Unsuitable in any way for use with FairScan
Has viruses
Has incompatible or unsupported versions of Windows (I.e. Windows Vista)
Any hardware that is underperforming (i.e. slow operating or boot up, unable to perform basic tasks in appropriate time)
Any old hardware that isn’t expected to operate for a sustainable amount of time
Any system with either medium or high level security settings as determined by FairScan
Any system where Group Policy settings revert or affect any settings required for FairScan
Any hardware that has been advised against for whatever reason by FairScan

5.2   Hardware Buy Back

5.2.1    Used handhelds can be sold back to FairScan. They can either be ‘Traded In’ or ‘Buy Back’

Traded In: Price paid when upgrading handhelds with FairScan. (i.e. trade in older handhelds to purchase an upgraded model)
Buy Back: Price paid when selling handhelds back to FairScan and not purchasing additional units. (I.e. discontinued use of FairScan, going out of business etc.)

5.2.2    Handhelds must be in fully working order

5.2.3    Prices can be found at

5.2.4    Payment is made once the handhelds are received and tested by FairScan

5.2.5    Prices for other hardware such as laptops & cradles is available on request

5.3    Hardware Failure

5.3.1    FairScan is not responsible for hardware failure such as, but not limited to; handheld power failure, unexpected loss of data, failure to turn on, power issues

5.3.2    The Business must keep a detailed log of any Hardware Failure including details about time and date, details on the issue and severity details

5.4   Hardware Rental

5.4.1    FairScan can provide hardware for rental for fairs or other events yearlong round

5.4.2    Handhelds, laptops, cradles and routers can be rented from FairScan

5.4.3    FairScan does not rent printers

5.4.4    Rented hardware is supplied 2 weeks prior to the start of the fair/event

5.4.5    It is the customers responsibility to return all hardware to FairScan within 2 weeks of the completion of the fair/event

5.4.6    Hardware such as laptops may be held onto for a longer period on request

5.4.7    Once received all Rented Hardware is the responsibility of the Business. All damages and losses will be charged to the Business

5.4.8    All accessories such as handheld covers, power cables, laptop bags etc. must be returned to FairScan otherwise the Business will be charged for replacements

5.5   Hardware Repairs

5.5.1    All hardware supplied by FairScan can be serviced by FairScan (with the exception of printers)

5.5.2    FairScan reserves the right to refuse to service any hardware that wasn’t purchased from FairScan

5.5.3    FairScan reserves the right to charge a premium for any repairs performed on hardware that wasn’t purchased from FairScan

5.5.4    All repairs are covered with a 12 month warranty

5.5.5    Businesses must complete an online RMA form before any hardware is sent back for repair

5.6   Refurbished Hardware

5.6.1    All Refurbished Hardware purchased from FairScan comes with a 12 month warranty

5.6.2    During the warranty period the Business may elect to swap the Refurbished Hardware for either new Hardware or different models and will only need to pay the difference

5.6.3    If faulty Refurbished Hardware within the warranty period can’t be fixed within an appropriate time frame then the hardware will be replaced free of charge with the same model of similar age/condition

5.7   Warranty

5.7.1    FairScan’s standard warranty period is 12 months for all new and refurbished hardware

5.7.2    Servicing outside the warranty period will incur a service fee.

5.7.3    Hardware that can’t be repaired during warranty period will be replaced with hardware of similar age and condition of the faulty item at the time of the issue

5.7.4    12 months warranty will be provided on all replacement hardware

5.7.5    12 months warranty will be provided on all repair work

5.7.6    Warranty does not cover user damage such as broken screens, broken case or cracks

5.7.7    FairScan reserves the right not to repair under warranty any wear and tear parts such as screens and batteries if they believe the handheld has not been looked after appropriately

5.7.8    A $50ex fee plus postage will be charged to all returned hardware with no faults found. If the fault persists and can be repaired then the fee will be refunded and used towards the cost of the repair

6.   Trade Fairs

6.1   Fairs

6.1.1    FairScan Fully Supported Fairs include:

Reed Gift Fair – Melbourne February
Reed Gift Fair – Sydney February
GHA Gift Fair – Sydney February
Life inStyle – Sydney February
NZ Gift & Homeware Fair – Auckland March
Gift Fair – Brisbane July
Design Decoration/Furnitex – Melbourne July
Reed Gift Fair – Melbourne August
GHA Gift Fair – Melbourne August
Life inStyle – Melbourne August
NZ Gift & Homeware Fair – Auckland September
Reed Gift Fair – Sydney September

6.1.2    Phone support during supported hours will be provided to fairs that are not considered ‘Fully Supported’ (see list above)

6.1.3    Support outside supported hours for non supported fairs may be provided with prior request

6.1.4    FairScan will be available onsite for Fully Supported Fairs

6.1.5    For businesses to receive support during Fully Supported Fairs they must include that fair in their Annual Support Plan

6.1.6    FairScan is not responsible for being aware or available during any other fair that takes place outside the Fully Supported Fair list unless previously agreed to

6.1.7    Businesses are recommended to advise FairScan of fairs that they are doing outside of the Fully Supported Fair list so that support can be provided if required

6.1.8    During Fully Supported Fairs FairScan provides support 15 minutes prior to the start of public hours and 15 minutes after the fair has closed. Any support outside these times will be treated as After Hours support

6.1.9    Calls made After Hours will be given the option to incur a surcharge fee to receive support

6.1.10   Pre fair support during Fully Supported Fairs will conclude at 5pm. No new support jobs will be accepted after 4pm

6.1.11   Pre fair support is provided at a central location within the fair. FairScan is unable to visit stands during this time unless previously agreed to

6.1.12   FairScan will provide priority support to all businesses that complete the FairScan Pre-Fair Checklist which is emailed and available online. It is the Businesses responsibly to print and complete their checklist for each fair. Completion of the checklist must be performed at the fair to prove that the Business is setup and ready to go. The Business is responsible for delivering the completed check list to FairScan

6.1.13   FairScan has no control or responsibly of the barcode supplied on name badges at trade fairs

6.1.14   FairScan is not responsible for Environmental Issues during Trade Fairs such as but not limited to wireless interference, errors/problems with customer name badges, power outages etc.

6.1.15   FairScan reserves the right to prioritise support requests during fairs based on factors but not limited to; priority for users who have completed the checklist, priority to users with no overdue payments, priority to more serious issues

6.1.16 FairScan recommends business take home their handhelds overnight and place them on charge.

7.   Use outside Fairs

7.1   On-road Use

7.1.1    All Businesses that use FairScan outside fairs such as with agents/reps or in showrooms must pay an annual on-road fee as part of their Annual Support Plan

7.1.2    All Businesses that use FairScan with agents and reps on the road and implement FairScan from 2014 onwards must operate a Virtual Server that will be setup and maintained by FairScan

7.1.3    All Businesses that use FairScan with agents and reps on the road who have implemented FairScan prior to 2014 and maintain their own FairScan Server in house who receive 3 strikes will be required to upgrade to a Virtual Server. A strike will be given for any fault outside FairScan’s control that affects the connection of on road handhelds. Faults include but are not limited to:

Change of ISP
Change of Modem/Router
Installation on a new PC
Firewall or Security setting changes
Windows registry changes
Group Policy changes

7.2   FairScan Virtual Server

7.2.1    All Businesses using a FairScan Virtual Server will be charged a setup fee and then an ongoing Monthly fee

7.2.2    All Businesses are placed on an initial 12 month contract for the Virtual Server. Once the 12 months is up then contract will become month to month

7.2.3    Initial 12 month contract will be charged up front and then in 6 month blocks

7.2.4    1 months’ notice is required for the cancellation of any Virtual Server

7.2.5    Upon cancellation FairScan will pro rata the refund minus the 1 month’s cancellation period

7.3   FairScan Minutes

7.3.1    If an agent or rep contacts FairScan directly then the minutes will be counted and used as FairScan Minutes

7.3.2    All on-road customers who are on an Annual Support Plan will receive 30 FairScan Minutes to be used within that calendar year

7.3.3    A 5 minute flag fall is charged for all contact made with reps and agents

7.3.4    Once the initial 30 FairScan Minutes expires then FairScan will contact the Business and recommend that they purchase some more. If they refuse then FairScan will refuse to service reps and agents from that business and will instead prompt them to contact their FairScan Administrator

7.3.5    FairScan Minutes aren’t transferrable to the next year and will expire if not used

7.3.6    FairScan Administrator contact with FairScan does not count towards FairScan Minutes. Only rep or agent contact directly with FairScan is counted towards FairScan Minutes

7.3.7    FairScan will report all instances of FairScan Minutes being used via email to the Business

7.3.8    FairScan will remind reps during the call that they are being charged ‘per minute’. Reps may then decide to end the call and attempt the recommended solution by themselves. If such solutions don’t resolve the issue then a 2nd flag fall fee will be charged if they contact FairScan again

7.3.9    A 2nd flag fall fee will not be charged if the line drops out due to communication error

7.3.10   FairScan reserves the right to delay the conversation with the rep and will offer a call back time to resolve the issue. A 2nd flag fall fee will not be charged in this instance.

7.3.11   A 2nd flag fall fee will be applied if the rep considers the issue to be resolved but then calls back due to the issue either not being resolved or when they have further questions

7.3.12   All email correspondence will be charged at the same rate as phone conversations

7.3.13   FairScan reserves the right to delay servicing a rep/agent until the business purchases some/more FairScan Minutes

7.3.14   If all FairScan Minutes are used during a phone call then FairScan will continue to resolve the issue and the business will then have negative FairScan Minutes and will be required to purchase more FairScan Minutes which will offset the debt from the previous call

7.3.15   FairScan will offer to send a pdf manual to agent/rep free of charge or they can continue using FairScan Minutes

7.3.16   FairScan on request will provide a breakdown of where FairScan Minutes have been used within in a given period

7.3.17   Any assistance provided during a fair in relation to using the system outside the fair will be charged as FairScan Minutes. Any questions asked by the rep at and during a fair in relation to the fair will not be charged

7.4    FairScan Administrator

7.4.1    All business that operate the FairScan system outside Trade Fairs must nominate a FairScan Administrator

7.4.2    The FairScan Administrator is responsible for all initial contact with reps and agents.

7.4.2    Any direct contact between reps/agents and FairScan will incur a fee as per FairScan Minutes

7.4.3    The FairScan Administrator is expected to have a thorough understanding of the FairScan system

7.4.4    FairScan reserves the right to charge a fee to provide training to the FairScan Administrator

7.4.5    If the FairScan Administrator is away on leave/sick, then any contact with other members of the business will incur a fee as per FairScan Minutes